Monday, May 6, 2013

Extraordinary Results at PSIA State Contest

psia-logo-home-pageTwo EE students took home medals for their extraordinary efforts at the PSIA State Contest held on May 4th at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. Five EE students in all competed at the PSIA State Contest.

  • Lydia Derksen: On-site Drawing 7 – 2nd PLACE
  • Luke Miller: Maps, Graphs & Charts 4 – 6th PLACE

Also competing at the state contest were:

Jason Eaton: Prose Interpretation 7/8 & Science 7
Johanna Kloesel: Dictionary Skills 8
Makenzie Lewis: Listening Skills 8

With 28 of the best students from around the state competing per grade level, you can imagine that it is quite difficult to earn a medal at this event. 

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