Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PSIA Contest Sign-up!

PSIA - Private School Interscholastic AssociationIt’s that time of year when we are finalizing our entries for the Private Schools Interscholastic Association competition. Contest events are open to 1st-8th grade students in a wide variety of subjects including Math, Writing, Science, Spelling, Drawing, Music, Art, Oratory, Maps & Graphs Poetry Interpretation and much more.

Go to www.psiaacademics.org for details about the PSIA program and events.

Then click the link below to sign up to compete with the EE team. http://www.extraed.net/psia_2014


Please be aware that there is a competition fee of $25/event per student. Registered and paid students will have access to the PSIA resources located at EE for practice. Parents may come in to view and make copies from our filebox of practice tests and resource materials.

Please contact this year’s EE PSIA coordinator, Lisa Salinas, with any questions you may have regarding events or the contest in general. She has a great deal of experience!  salinas.family@earthlink.net